Artisan tradition, quality and modernity of production, design and elegance.

These are the values used by Mobilificio AG to produce their furnishings along with a lot of passion!

About Us

The AG Furniture is an integral part of the group LM, since founded by the same owners.LM was created in 1978 by young entrepreneurs, coming from the best furniture factory presents at the time in the center of Pesaro.
LM starts producing exclusively for the Arab market, where in a short time become a reference company, and in the '90s start his expansion in the European market where it is now a brand known and appreciated putting first of all services and quality.

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  • Margot

    The shapes and colors are interwoven to offer suspended atmospheres.

  • Brigitte

    Brigitte combines balanced smooth shapes in soft and elegant lines.

  • Louise Rovere Tortora

  • Edem

    Refined and precious finishes, like silver, produce a warm atmosphere


Via Alessandrini 15/A
61020 Montecalvo in Foglia (PU)
Office & estab.: Via Amandoli 930 47836
Rio Salso di Mondaino (RN)
Tel. 0721 479016
Fax. 0721 904217
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