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Chanel Day Collection 

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Notre Dame Day Collection 

  • Composizione 10

    A 'classical and contemporary living area created to make even more special the home space dedicated to your relaxation. In

  • Composizione 12

    A taste that warms up wisely any room and decorating it with unmatchable elements.

  • Composizione 14

  • Composizione 16

    Lifestyles that mark a living space where to know himself and to make know meeting ourselves and others.

  • Composizione 18

    Pleasant environment, tidy, elegant, where each object has its own place, its own elegant style.

  • Composizione 19

  • Composizione 20

  • Composizione 22

    The delicate and simple lines of floral decoration design a basic style, contemporary, embellished with elements as swarovski such as

  • Composizione 24

  • Composizione 26

    Elements characterized by a range of authentic materials, unique by a functional design

  • Composizione 26 Laccata Avorio

  • Composizione 28

  • Composizione 28 Patinata a Mano

    The warmsun shadesare mixed withflashes ofgolden lightand acolorglossymarryingeach otherperfectly.

  • Composizione 30

  • Composizione 32

  • Composizione 34

  • Ingresso

    The careful and elegant design is enriched from the presence of the floral decoration defining a unique element of strong

  • Tavolo TA70

    Elegance, sophistication are the basic ingredients of accessories that make contemporary the spaces, places to explore and beautiful to live.


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