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  • Achilea

    The wide and sinuous lines give movement to the furnishings and shape the space in calm and elegant rhythms.

  • Achilea Patinata

  • Virginia

    Strong balance between classic and elegant to renovate the sleeping area with an aesthetic to interpret from time to time.

  • Virginia Patinata

  • Angelica

    A fine but not formal line, where the simplest relaxation blends with a refined lifestyle.

  • Angelica Patinata

  • Aida

    The splendor of gold, the discreet charm of the skin; precious elements that adorn the sinuous lines of Aida.

  • Aida / Virginia

  • Canaletto / Penelope / Ninfea

    The authenticity of lines and decorations open personal horizons and unrepeatable emotions.

  • Canaletto Patinato / Penelope / Ninfea

  • Peonia / Selene

    The harmony of shapes and colors can be found in the classic flavor of this collection.

  • Peonia Patinato / Selene

  • Camelia / Altea

    Extremely elegant furniture in their design, enlivened by precious finishes that give enormous vigor.

  • Camelia Patinato / Altea

  • Viola / Minerva

    Furniture for those who love classic style without giving up an original touch.

  • Viola Patinata / Minerva

Elite Collection

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  • Marina

    The wardrobe Marina in all his compositions, enriched with a beautiful brushed finish white, seems simple and elegant.

Elegance Collection 

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  • Parigi

    Into the Parigi model you notice all the beauty of the curves on the two side doors artfully decorated with

  • Sara

    The softness of the surface finish patinated ivory finds its ideal culmination in the solution with three curved sliding doors

  • Lisa

    The wardrobe Lisa imposes itself with its central door curve, and its decoration. All surrounded by a large top and socle.

  • Anna Con Specchi

    The wardrobe Anna with two sliding doors decorated or with mirrors grounded and engraved, is a classic practical and elegant.

  • Anna Senza Specchi

  • Lucia

    The wardrobe Lucia shows the impressive gendarme top and the advanced body, all in perfect harmony with its elegant design.

  • Erica

  • Matilde

  • Achilea Senza Specchi

  • Achilea Con Specchi

  • Virginia Senza specchi

  • Virginia con specchio

  • Angelica senza specchi

Group Noce

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Group Patinati

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  • Rubens

    Graceful lines delineate furniture in a refined elegance; The glossy finish gives them a touch of class creating original and


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  • Astor

    Soft and luxurious shape enriched with rich and elaborate workmanship give the bed Astor prestige and elegance, for timeless styles

  • Selene Foglia Oro


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