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  • Venere

  • Afrodite

  • Clizia

  • Minerva

  • Brigitte

    Floral decorations for a romantic touch where the nuance white enhances the architectural volumes.

  • Louise Rovere Tortora

    Decorative interventions such as floral, highlight the charm of furniture capable of seducing.

  • Louise

    Elegant floral pattern characterizes the dresser of the collection, dressing it with a single colouring

  • Margot

    The harmony of the lines is marked by precious Swarovski which characterize the whole group highlighting the fine finish in

  • Ambra

    The curved surface of the plain and the dresser drawer are connected with the leg modeled tone.

  • Chloé

    The dresser is rich in sought details designed carefully according to an harmony of the whole.

  • Flora

  • Dior

  • Chanel

  • Elisabeth

  • Clare

  • Matisse

  • Nicole

  • Denise

  • Achilea Noce

  • Achilea Patinato

  • Virginia Noce

  • Virginia patinato

  • Angelica Noce

  • Angelica patinato

  • Aida noce

  • Aida patinato

  • Canaletto Noce

  • Canaletto Patinato

  • Peonia noce

  • Peonia patinato

  • Camelia Noce

  • Camelia patinato

  • Viola noce

  • Viola Patinato


Via Alessandrini 15/A
61020 Montecalvo in Foglia (PU)
Office & estab.: Via Amandoli 930 47836
Rio Salso di Mondaino (RN)
Tel. 0721 479016
Fax. 0721 904217
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